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10 Reasons To Shoot In Cape Town


  • The diversity of Cape Town locations within a 45-minute radius.

  • The exceptional light: especially early sunrise and sunset.

  • Stunning Cape Town accomodation and superb prop houses.

  • The exchange rate! The local currency is the Rand, weaker than the Dollar, Euro & Pound, making Cape Town very budget-friendly for photo productions.

  • The team in Cape Town is of international standard, having successfully produced over 500 productions for more than 14 years: no need to fly in a good part of your crew.

  • Professional models of all ages.

  • Digital equipment and lighting available in Cape Town are of an international standard.

  • No time difference with Europe - no jet lag.

  • South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, perfect for shooting summer collections while it's winter in Europe.


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