Solar Productions

is a photo production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. It facilitates and co-ordinates productions for the photographic stills industry with timeous, cost-effective and personalised service to clients for advertising, catalogue and editorial projects.

Our stills production team started in the early nineties as the industry in Cape Town was becoming an international destination for film; commercials and stills shoots.

Working as a team is important to us as we are only as strong as our weakest link. Priding ourselves with great crew ranging from photographic assistants; digital operators; production managers and runners combined with the service of well established international hair & make-up and styling agencies allows us to provide you with an experienced team who look after your production needs.

Discover with us the diversity of Cape Town locations and the exceptional South African lights, especially early sunrise and sunset.

Benefit from the cheap South African exchange rate and the convenient Southern hemisphere season's inversion, when you need to shoot Summer collections while it is winter in the United States and Europe.

Contact for your photo production in Cape Town.


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Solar Productions